China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“COAMC”) was set up in September 23, 2016. It evolved from China Orient Asset Management Corporation before the joint stock reform. It is a state-owned comprehensive financial service group jointly established by the Ministry of Finance and National Council for Social Security Fund, its registered capital being RMB 55.363 billion. Its predecessor is China Orient Asset Management Corporation, founded in October 1999 Beijing amidst the Asian financial crisis by the State Council and People’s Bank of China. Since its establishment, COAMC holds as its mission to safeguard state-owned assets, dissolve financial risks and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. COAMC regards the lawful and compliant operation as its lifeline and has accumulatively managed and disposed over one trillion yuan of NPLs, it has made an ineffaceable contribution to maintain the stability of the country’s financial system.   Having successfully carried out the historical mission of disposing policy NPLs given by the government, COAMC has constantly pursued sustainable development and actively promoted market transformation, and the structure of a comprehensive financial service corporation is preliminarily established and is improved year by year. Its business covers asset management, insurance, securities, trust, leasing, microfinance, rating and overseas business and has achieved leapfrog development in recent years.   By the end of September 30th 2016, COAMC's consolidated total assets amount to RMB699.5 billion and its net assets attributable to parent amount to RMB63.5 billion. COMAC has a national service network, serves over 15 million clients and has established 25 branches and a business department in key cities all over China. COAMC owns 13 holding companies, such as China United Insurance Group Company Limited, Dalian Bank Co., Ltd., Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd, Daye Trust Co., Ltd, China National Foreign Trade & Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, Bangxin Asset Management Co., Ltd, Golden Credit Rating International Co., Ltd, Orient Bangxin Finance Holding Co., Ltd, Bangxin Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Rongda Management Co., Ltd. in China; and Dong Yin Development (Holdings) Limited and China Orient Asset Management (International) Holding Limited overseas. COAMC currently has over 50,000 employees.   COAMC devotes itself to providing diversified and full life-cycle financial services to clients, coordinates the resources of corporate headquarters, provincial branches and holding companies, improves its core competitiveness and the capability of sustainable development in order to grow into a leading whole-value chain financial service group focused on asset management and banking & insurance.